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It’s a Wrap!


The American sportswriter ‘Red’ Smith (1905-1982) once wrote:

‘There’s nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein.’

While The Goldstone Wrap hasn’t been a blog where I’ve made any serious attempt to bare my soul to you (for that, read my memoirs when I’m famous 😉 ), I hope that it has helped to stir some of the joy, despair, disappointment, anticipation and nostalgia that comes from being a Brighton & Hove Albion supporter down the years.

From 11th February 2013, I began writing this blog, aiming for one new post every day. Through covering past matches, players, managers and kits, my aim was to share a love of football via all the magazine cuttings and memorabilia that I had collected about the Albion down the years. It also gave me a good excuse to delve more deeply into chapters of the club’s history that I didn’t know that much about, such as the Freddie Goodwin, Pat Saward and Peter Taylor eras, tracking down old match reports along the way. And truth be told, I was also curious to see if there were other people out there for whom phrases such as ‘British Caledonian Airways’, ‘Farah Slacks’, ‘The Seagull Line on 8049’ and ‘Rediffusion Player of the Year’ created a warm fuzzy feeling!

Today, it’s post number 500 on The Goldstone Wrap, and I feel it’s the right time to call time on it as a daily blog. I feel I’ve pretty much accomplished all that I set out to achieve, and didn’t wish to repeat myself too much. No seventh article on how Gordon Smith failed to score in the dying seconds of the 1983 FA Cup Final, in other words… I’ll spare you that.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this blog on North Stand Chat, Seagulls Chat, Twitter and Facebook. Other blogs such as The Football Attic, Not Worth That, Brighton Lines and TSLR have also been very encouraging. Much appreciation also to those who have shared their memorabilia, video archives and newspaper cuttings. And major props to everyone who has subscribed on WordPress and those who have commented frequently such as Chris Worrall, Steve Cowdry, Richard H, John Mackie, scherben909, Giles Metcalfe, Ian Fennell, Jackie Dinnis, Chas Sargent, as well as Paul from Cult Zeros.

Just to be clear, this blog is not going to die, exactly. All entries will remain online and I will add new entries every so often. It’s just it won’t be daily any more! Boo!

As you’ve probably figured out by now, this blog’s name is a play on the title of the track ‘The Goldstone Rap’ but with ‘Wrap’ to signify that it’s kind of a publication. By a strange fluke, I recently discovered the blog’s title found itself into the managerial notes written by Mike Bailey in the Brighton v Tottenham programme of March 1982!


See you all soon.


Happy birthday to The Goldstone Wrap

Twelve months ago, I began The Goldstone Wrap blog to share with you lots of articles and photos I have gathered of Brighton & Hove Albion down the years. My ambitious goal was to post one article a day and see how much interest there was in a retro blog about the club’s history up to 1997.

I have been delighted that this blog has reached post number 366 today. Over that time, the number of readers has increased significantly. There have also been lots of positive feedback, particularly on Twitter and North Stand Chat. I’ve also met some remarkably generous people who have leant me bits and pieces to share with you, not to mention extensive video and photo collections.

So it seems apt to celebrate this blog being one. If money was no object I’d have a cake with marzipan like this one from 1983:


Over the next few weeks, you can expect posts on Mike Bamber the jazz musician, Peter O’Sullivan’s views on a children’s book about him, a spectacular Terry Connor own goal, plus lots of Albion memorabilia.

As far as being daily, I am also planning to bring this blog to an end in June, when it reaches 500 posts. The archives will live on, and I will still post to it, but it won’t be once a day any more. It just seems like a good place for me to stop. My love for all things Albion retro remains undiminished, and I will continue to be open to sharing it with you, I promise!


The Twelve Days of Albion Retro Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love sent to me…


Twelve Kens a-beaming


Eleven Pipers piping


Ten Howletts howling


Nine Andys rolling


Eight Smillies smiling


Seven Storers scoring


Six Sayers saying


Five Michael Rings


Four Johnny Byrnes

Three missed pens


Two of Powney’s gloves


And a Wardy looking very merry!

That last image is taken from Scoop Magazine in December 1979. Lovely jumper!

And now, I’d like to wish you a very merry and peaceful Christmas. Thank you for reading this blog. As you may know, it started in February this year. Every day there has been a new post on The Goldstone Wrap, a regularity that has been a challenge and a delight: A challenge, as (believe it or not!) I have a full time job and other things to do. And a delight too, as I am thrilled to have a platform to share articles, photos and videos relating to Brighton & Hove Albion’s past.

The blog is currently jam-packed with 318 posts on past players, matches, magazine articles and football kit design and will continue to grow, day by day. It’s a labour of love to write it and it’s been wonderful to hear from North Stand Chat, Twitter, Facebook and Seagulls Chat, as well as your blog comments, that lots of Albion, and some non-Albion, fans have enjoyed reading it. For some it’s become a part of their early morning routine to check out what’s new on The Goldstone Wrap. I’d also like to thank all of you who I have met through doing this blog, including those who have lent me photos, videos and taken snaps of various memorabilia.

Over the course of the next few days, you can look forward to newspaper coverage of a Boxing Day massacre, a very rare Albion calendar from the glory years, as well as an incredible solo goal by Kieran O’Regan at Hillsborough.

In the meantime, let’s swop Goldstone Wrapping for Christmas (un)wrapping. It’s time to put your feet up and enjoy the festivities!

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Seagulls TV – the 1990s

Look above these words to see the menu of The Goldstone Wrap and you may notice an extra item today…

Today, I am very pleased to let you know of a big website update that I’m putting online.

As you may know, The Goldstone Wrap is a blog that is part of Seagulls TV, a Brighton & Hove Albion retro site that I started off three years ago to archive the video footage I had of the glory years of 1976 to 1983. Since then, the site has expanded to include team photos, action shots, results and player profiles for each season. I then expanded the site to cover the period from 1970/71 to 1975/76.

The Seagulls TV site has received praise from many football fans in tweets, forum posts, Facebook posts and blogs in these last three years. For example, in a piece choosing seven Albion matches from the past, Two Hundred Percent have said:

There is so much archive footage of Brighton & Hove Albion out there, and this seems like as good a time as any to those that have turned YouTube into such a marvellous archive of football. In the case on Brighton & Hove Albion, the quite magnificent is to thank for providing us all with such a magnificent selection of matches from the past. Without the diligence of people such as those behind this site, much of the footage available to us would be sitting in archives, forgotten about by all bar a few.

Kind words, indeed.

Now, though, I’ve pieced together a substantial new section on Seagulls TV that covers the 1990s. In the site, you can find videos of Brighton’s matches against Liverpool, Millwall and Notts County in 1990/91, the win against Portsmouth in 1991/92, the three cup clashes with Manchester United the following season, the Leicester cup shocks of 1994/95, and the famous games vs Doncaster and Hereford in 1996/97. It’s all lovingly organised season-by-season along with team photos and other bits and pieces.


Anyway, have a look, please!

Seagulls TV – the 1990s

In the meantime, I leave you with some of the highlights from that decade. These are my nominations – feel free to share your own views on Twitter or by leaving a comment on the blog:

Cheekiest goal
George Parris against Bristol Rovers (1995/96)

Most surreal sight
Bill Archer on TV facing angry fans while having an eye complaint (1996/97)

Greatest finish to a match
Dean Wilkins’ last minute free-kick (1990/91)

Best goal
Stuart Munday’s amazing shot (1994/95)

Most stomach-turning match
Hereford v Brighton (1996/97)

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League of Blogs 2013 – The Goldstone Wrap’s entry

It’s here!

The Football Attic’s ‘League of Blogs 2013’ has kicked off. “What is that?!’, you may be asking.

Well, the Football Attic is a marvellous retro football blog started by Rich J and Chris O in November 2011. They have a podcast and an occasional video blog as well. With a love of retro and a sense of humour, they explore and unpick match programmes, football kit design, stickers and other bits and bobs from yesteryear. I particularly enjoyed their entry on Daily Mirror sticker albums of the 1980s, my gateway drug into football memorabilia as a child. Last year, they created a Subbuteo-style wall chart for football bloggers, encouraging blog writers everywhere to design a kit on a Subbuteo player to represent their site and join forces in a gigantian project of high creativity and fun.

This year, Rich and Chris are asking for submissions in the form of club crests and Subbuteo kits which they’ll turn into Panini-style stickers, with the chance of real foil stickers being produced.

Fast off the mark, The Goldstone Wrap has an entry which looks like this:


OK, cards on the table time. For the crest, I filched and changed colour of the Union flag-style circle from the Football League’s crest circa 1988 before placing The Goldstone Wrap’s Albion shirt graphic (originally from this lovely Adidas advert from 1984/85) inside.

Then, for the home kit, I went with blue-Ajax as a variation on the Albion kit of the 1960s which had a blue-Arsenal design. The away kit used the same template. I tried red with a white band in the middle, and black shorts, but it was too overwhelmingly ’80s Southampton for me. My eventual choice of red with a black band echoes the red and black stripes that Brighton have worn in the 1970s and 2000s. A third kit (which I’m not allowed!) would probably be needed against teams in red and white stripes. What do you think? Feel free to leave comments.

In the meantime, you can join in the fun. Please have a look at ‘League of Blogs 2013’ to see some of the other designs, discover and read other football sites and, if you write a blog, get cracking with your own submission.

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Welcome to this retro blog

I started the Seagulls TV website at in 2009 to gather and share vintage videos of Brighton & Hove Albion from yesteryear. It’s been a glorious journey of unearthing hidden gems, such as the 8-2 humiliation at the hands of Bristol Rovers in 1973 to inflicting a cup shock over mighty Liverpool at Anfield in 1983.

As I gradually assemble that site, I have come across other material that doesn’t currently fit the current videos/profiles/action/stats format of that site but may be of interest to other supporters. For you perusal, I aim to post images of retro merchandise you could have bought from the Seagulls Shop back in the day, as well as articles and photos gleamed from the likes of Shoot! and Match magazine.

Whether you remember collecting Panini football stickers when Brighton were a force in the top flight or gathered some souvenirs from the final match at the Goldstone, I hope they’ll be some stuff here of interest to you.