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Some things others have said about The Goldstone Wrap:

Mr Banana, from North Stand Chat:

I admit that I live almost perennially in the past and supposed glories which never really existed, but your site remains ****ing marvellous and I salute you for it. Probably the best website ever

Walt Jabsco, of Not Worth That, from North Stand Chat:

Goldstone Wrap is definitely my favourite Albion blog.

Guinness Boy, of Brighton But Only At Home, from North Stand Chat:

Prompted by this thread (and The Goldstone Wrap following Brighton But Only At Home!) I found time this morning to finally do something I should have done ages ago and have a read of The Goldstone Wrap.

I only got in 30 mins reading before my daughter got bored of CBeebies and yet only got as far 12 September’s post on Mick – sorry Michael – Robinson. There’s a well researched update almost every day. Can’t recommend it highly enough. I’m just sorry it took this long for me to give it a proper read. If you have any memories at all of the Goldstone (or are a youngster wanting to know what the fuss is about) go and have a read.

Vicki Lank ‏@ThickBlueLine:

Any #BHAFC fans who don’t already follow @GoldstoneRapper: you really should. A splendid nostalgia-fest of vintage Albion footage & pics.

5 thoughts on “Comment About This Site

  1. catfish says:

    I remember cutting that Fred Binney questionnaire out of Shoot! magazine. Great memories.

  2. Cattlin'sRockShop says:

    Fred’s comments are more interesting than many of his contemporaraies on Shoot!’s Focus pages. He sounds a ‘well-rounded’ young man. That’s a classic kit. Great days win lose or draw.

    It’s a super site. Many thanks

  3. Great site for us that can remember that era, I’ll be pasing it on to our members,

  4. Stephen Cowdry says:

    Great site – so many happy memories of days at the Goldstone!

  5. andrew says:

    i did my alevels that summer and got c o e which was appropriate but i would rather have got ovett but that wasnt possible… was in france when we played that first game, 35 zears later am in germany, oh how i long for another start in the top flight, it can only be better!!

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