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Farah fashion 1983


The Brighton Cup Final squad of 1983, a good thirteen years before Liverpool arrived for Wembley in cream suits.


Those Albion men in Farah casual tops

It’s been a while since this blog posted a Farah Slacks-related missive. So here’s another one:

Gary Stevens, Ken Craggs, Mark Lawrenson, John Gregory, Alan Mullery and Brian Horton

Gary Stevens, Ken Craggs, Mark Lawrenson, John Gregory, Alan Mullery and Brian Horton

Don’t they look the business? What do you mean – no? As described in the Brighton v Leicester programme of 1981:

Many supporters will know that our first team squad have been fitted out by Farahs, the Gatwick-based supplier of American manufactured clothing.

Our picture shows a recent group of Albion personalities wearing their off-pitch kit of zip-fronted blouson-type casual tops in Farasuede fabric teamed up with versatile, easy care slacks from Farah’s famous hopsack range.

The total Farah men’s and boyswear range now includes casual and more formal trousers, sports slacks, denim jeans, mens’ leisure tops, blazers and informal jackets.

Anyone up for a Farah Slacks revival? If you know where you can buy them in Brighton & Hove nowadays, please let me know…

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Farah Fit

farah fit

Another evocative advert from Farah Slacks, responsible for providing the first-team with the official club dress. This advert is from the Middlesbrough programme from September 1981. Elsewhere in this issue:

We mentioned in Tuesday’s programme that shortly ‘Farah’ trousers, as worn by the Albion players, would be available from the club shop. In fact these are now in, but a misplaced paragraph in the Swansea programme suggested that leg measurement would be needed to obtain the new club sweaters.

So, did you kit yourself out in Farah slacks and jeans? Were they really all the rage in the early 1980s?

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Albion wear Farah Slacks

Farah Slacks

A truly kitsch classic. The first team in 1983 are kitted out in some rather dapper new blazers and slacks from the firm with its UK base in Gatwick.

From the Townsend Thoresen Cup programme against Manchester United in August 1983, the advert claims that Farah slacks and leisurewear are ‘styled to fit the Albion naturally.’