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Kevin Bremner – The Seagull Has Landed

By 1989, Brighton were no longer regulars in the weekly national magazines, so any coverage was like gold dust.

kevin bremner

In Shoot! Magazine, he said:

“It’s all very relaxed down here and even when I was sent-off pre-season nothing much was said about it. Manager Barry Lloyd loves to play entertaining, attacking football so wherever we go and whatever the score, it’s tally-ho, forward we go.”

After being in his strike-partner’s shadow for a couple of seasons, Kevin Bremner certainly did turn the tables on Garry Nelson in 1989/90, getting twelve League goals compared to his striking counterpart’s five. Nelson was hampered by injury from February onwards, which opened the way to Sergei Gotsmanov’s arrival.

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Topps bubblegum cards


We knew we had made it as a football club when Topps issued cards of eight first-teamers in 1978/79. Enclosed in a daring pink border, Topps cards perfectly captured the vibe of the 1970s with its use of bright garish colours and popular typefaces of that time.

So enjoy Peter Sayer’s quite magnificent perm, the rare sight of Graham Moseley with a beard and Sully proving himself to be the Welsh answer to Tom Selleck, never mind Rivelino. But, wait, no Brian Horton?

The backs of the cards featured all the vital career stats up to the end of the 1977/78 season plus some bullet points:

topps back

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Introducing Brighton’s Tortoise, the King of the League


North Stand Chat participant Jackcgull, creator of the Eye On The Seagulls website, has alerted me to this magnificent tortoise. He writes:

I kept terrapins as a youngster (back in 1978) and my mum saw this beast in the Seagull Shop and bought it for me. I used it as a Godzilla-like enemy of my action men characters (i was 10/11 at the time). When i left home it must have hidden away at my mum’s – and there it was, under her stairs – 35 years later!!!

No idea why they would produce a cuddly ‘King of the League’ tortoise – would love to know more.

I remember offering it to someone who was starting an Albion museum – not sure why, but he didn’t want it!

Anyway – is there anyone else who has or has ever had one of these? A true relic of the Albion’s days in the top division and the Fa Cup Final!

Marvellous. If anyone else has any quite insane Albion memorabilia, please get in touch at seagulls@me followed by .comor leave a comment to this post.


Shoot Cover: Neil Smillie (25 February 1984)

shoot cover 3

Unlike his other photos, winger Neil Smillie doesn’t quite look like the doppelgänger for Just Good Friends‘ actor Paul Nicholas in this front cover.

Inside this edition, there is a preview of the Watford v Brighton FA Cup tie. John Barnes says:

‘I watched Brighton beat Liverpool in the Fourth Round and I was very impressed. They’ve lost none of the snap and sparkle that carried them to Wembley last season. But I for one am delighted we’ve drawn them. Brighton are an attacking team and an attractive team.’


Horton hears a …who?

Taken from the Official Handbook 1977/78:

horton advert

It’s bad pun-a-go-go in this advert for Tony Back and Ric Carr’s Music Centre on 156 Lewes Road, Brighton. It describes Tony, Brian and Ric as ‘the most organised team in Division One’ while introducing ‘the Elka X705 Potable anyone can play!’

Towards the bottom of the advert is a football pitch with the names of various instruments in an experimental 2-3-2-3 formation.


Horton must have been short of a few bob the week he agreed to put his name to this. Turn your nose up at the increasing commercialisation of the game… or join yours truly in a celebration of the cheese factor of this marvellous advertisement for both music and sport!


Brighton’s teddy bear

Alan Mullery is holding Albion’s one-time mascot…

teddy bear with alan mullery

Mark Lawrenson and teddy bear

…and so is Mark Lawrenson.

Why, you may ask, is Mark Lawrenson sitting holding a giant, cuddly teddy bear?

“After all the injuries I’ve had lately, any mascot is welcome,” explains the Brighton star. “I was out for ten weeks at the start of the season with severed ankle ligaments.”

Mullery is one of Mark’s greatest admirers, and Alan’s sure the kid from Preston can go to the very top.

“When I signed him I knew the lad had tremendous potential. Now people can see what I was talking about. I said he could be another Beckenbauer… and I stand by that.”

At 22, Mark is one of Britain’s rising young stars. To reach his full potential, he needs to steer clear of more serious injuries, And that’s why you’ll find him holding that teddy bear mascot down at the Goldstone!”

To read the full article of ‘Mark Lawrenson – Brighton’s Beckenbauer’ from the 1979/80 campaign, just click on the photo.

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Spotlight on Brighton

1985-86 spotlight

Full of optimism here. However, a wretched run of one win in the last ten Division Two games puts paid to the promotion push in 1985/86 and cost Chris Cattlin his job.

Note how much Dennis Mortimer resembles Gordon Greer!

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FKS Soccer-81 gets messy

fks 1981

FKS, a dominant force in UK sticker publication in the 1970s, began to lose its leading position towards the end of the decade and here it’s easy to see why. This sticker abomination is so wrong on many counts. That Brighton and Hove Albion had to share its double page with Coventry is a despicable crime, made worse by the inclusion of Gordon Smith in a – gulp! – Rangers shirt.

Even the players in Albion kit are in the wrong Albion kit as, of course, we had already ditched the stripes for the all-blue polyester Adidas affair for the 1980/81 season.

Whoever was in charge of the artwork was clearly trying to pull wool over our eyes. Don’t let him/her be tricking you. A closer look suggests Peter Suddaby and Neil McNab have had images of their heads unconvincingly superimposed on other Brighton players’ bodies in a Frankenstein experiment while Ray Clarke has had blue stripes added to what may originally have been a Spurs top.

I’ll forgive FKS suggesting the Albion as being founded in 1900 as that was what was widely thought of at the time. But having a non-foil crest that is a mere photo of a replica shirt badge, with some clumsy cropping applied? Really?! It was hardly going to help FKS in the fight with Panini to win the loyalty and the pocket money of school kids.

Still, some quality shots of Steve Foster, John Gregory, Brian Horton, Mark Lawrenson, Graham Moseley, Peter Ward and Gary Williams are very welcome, not to mention the surprising inclusion of rookie midfielder Giles Stille, looking rather studious.

Click the image for a close-up.

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Mystery of the white British Caledonian adidas away kit

White British Caledonian shirt
It was a bit of puzzle to find the above photo on the cover of a Birmingham v Arsenal programme from 1981/82. Did Brighton really don a white away shirt in their top flight days? Or had there been some pre-Photoshop hocus-pocus done to remove the yellow from Tony Grealish’s shirt?

The Birmingham v Liverpool programme from the same season featured Gary Stevens, apparently also sporting a white shirt.

White British Caledonian shirtAfter I posted a thread on North Stand Chat, the question was answered by Phil Shelley of who steered everyone in the discussion to the Brighton v Southampton programme from April 1982 with the caption: ‘Gordon Smith in full flight at Birmingham in an unfamiliar white Albion shirt.’

Mystery solved! Although why we ran out in white when the usual away kit of all yellow would have sufficed is something we’ll probably never know.

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1982/83 Evening Argus Fixture Card

1982/83 Fixture Card 1

1982/83 Fixture Card 2

Each season when the Evening Argus produced these, even the most ardent supporter would consider it rather over-optimistic that there would be a space to fill the score in if Brighton reached the FA Cup Final. Except, of course, it happened this season.

Note, for copyright reasons, that the charming footballer graphic on the front doesn’t quite include the adidas logo, three stripes, the British Caledonian logo, but rough approximations.

While we are on the subject of 1983, this week TalkSport has a wonderful retrospective on this FA Cup Final, with guests Jimmy Case, Gordon Smith and Arthur Albiston.

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