Horton hears a …who?

Taken from the Official Handbook 1977/78:

horton advert

It’s bad pun-a-go-go in this advert for Tony Back and Ric Carr’s Music Centre on 156 Lewes Road, Brighton. It describes Tony, Brian and Ric as ‘the most organised team in Division One’ while introducing ‘the Elka X705 Potable anyone can play!’

Towards the bottom of the advert is a football pitch with the names of various instruments in an experimental 2-3-2-3 formation.


Horton must have been short of a few bob the week he agreed to put his name to this. Turn your nose up at the increasing commercialisation of the game… or join yours truly in a celebration of the cheese factor of this marvellous advertisement for both music and sport!


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