Club Call from 1972/73

This is taken from Roy of the Rovers magazine:


The line-up is this:

Back row: Ian Goodwin, Kit Napier, Stewart Henderson, Alan Dovey, Brian Bromley, Brian Powney, Eddie Spearritt, John Templeman, John Napier;

Middle row: Mike Yaxley (trainer / physio), Bert Murray, Norman Gall, Willie Irvine, Pat Saward (manager), Ken Beamish, Bertie Lutton, Peter O’Sullivan, Ray Crawford (coach);

Front row: Steve Piper, Tommy Armstrong, Alan Boorn, Steve Breach.

For more about these players during this disastrous campaign, please visit my other Albion site Seagulls TV.

The summary in Roy of the Rovers magazine includes these ‘facts’:

Formed: 1900.
Nickname: “Albion” (or Shrimpers).

I’ve seen the club erroneously nicknamed the Shrimps. But this is the first time I’ve seen us down as the Shrimpers which is equally wrong. I suppose it’s preferable, though. Wouldn’t have liked to have been the Shrimps and having to play Southend (the ‘Shrimpers’)!


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