1982/83 Evening Argus Fixture Card

1982/83 Fixture Card 1

1982/83 Fixture Card 2

Each season when the Evening Argus produced these, even the most ardent supporter would consider it rather over-optimistic that there would be a space to fill the score in if Brighton reached the FA Cup Final. Except, of course, it happened this season.

Note, for copyright reasons, that the charming footballer graphic on the front doesn’t quite include the adidas logo, three stripes, the British Caledonian logo, but rough approximations.

While we are on the subject of 1983, this week TalkSport has a wonderful retrospective on this FA Cup Final, with guests Jimmy Case, Gordon Smith and Arthur Albiston.

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One thought on “1982/83 Evening Argus Fixture Card

  1. […] On the day the fixtures for the 2013/14 Football League season are announced (9am), I’d like to share with you an elegantly designed fixture card from the Evening Argus from the mid-1980s. You can also view the one for the 1982/83 season. […]

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