FKS Soccer-81 gets messy

fks 1981

FKS, a dominant force in UK sticker publication in the 1970s, began to lose its leading position towards the end of the decade and here it’s easy to see why. This sticker abomination is so wrong on many counts. That Brighton and Hove Albion had to share its double page with Coventry is a despicable crime, made worse by the inclusion of Gordon Smith in a – gulp! – Rangers shirt.

Even the players in Albion kit are in the wrong Albion kit as, of course, we had already ditched the stripes for the all-blue polyester Adidas affair for the 1980/81 season.

Whoever was in charge of the artwork was clearly trying to pull wool over our eyes. Don’t let him/her be tricking you. A closer look suggests Peter Suddaby and Neil McNab have had images of their heads unconvincingly superimposed on other Brighton players’ bodies in a Frankenstein experiment while Ray Clarke has had blue stripes added to what may originally have been a Spurs top.

I’ll forgive FKS suggesting the Albion as being founded in 1900 as that was what was widely thought of at the time. But having a non-foil crest that is a mere photo of a replica shirt badge, with some clumsy cropping applied? Really?! It was hardly going to help FKS in the fight with Panini to win the loyalty and the pocket money of school kids.

Still, some quality shots of Steve Foster, John Gregory, Brian Horton, Mark Lawrenson, Graham Moseley, Peter Ward and Gary Williams are very welcome, not to mention the surprising inclusion of rookie midfielder Giles Stille, looking rather studious.

Click the image for a close-up.

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