The Goldstone Staff Photo 1979

I received an email from the son of Fred Woolven with this intriguing photo attached:


The photo also appears in the Argus supplement ‘Division One Here We Come’ from 1979, along with this useful key to the Albion family:


The manager, the players, the board capture all the limelight as Albion soar to success. But there is more to the Goldstone than that. Many people work away, unnoticed, in the background, to ensure that the Seagulls take wing. Here we present the Goldstone team in full, from chairman Mike Bamber to tea lady and cleaner Hilda Bennett, who has been producing the match day cuppas for many a year now.

1. Tony Millard. Freelance journalist, Tony, became programme editor and announcer at the Goldstone this season.
2. John Shepherd. Ex-Albion player, John, is now the youth team manager, having had spells in local soccer management. He has also managed both the Sussex County FA side and Sussex County League Southwick.
3. Joan Shipp. She is promoter of the Seagull Lottery, which brings in £250,000 a year for the Albion. She came to the Goldstone five seasons ago from the Sussex Sunday League, along with commerical manager Ron Pavey.
4. Jeanne Carter. She has been with the Albion for about three years and is secretary to manager Alan Mullery and club secretary Ken Calver.
5. Mike Yaxley. Ex-Brighton, Hove and Sussex Grammar School teacher, Mike, is in his second spell with the Albion. He was on the coaching staff from 1968-73, became a sales rep, and managed Eastbourne united and is now physiotherapist.
6. Ken Craggs. Former teammate of manager Alan Mullery in Fulham days, Ken came from Craven Cottage early last year and is assistant manager.

Half-Million Pound Team
Here is the nucleus of the commercial staff who help with the Albion’s fund raising schemes which bring in about half-a-million pounds a year. They are:
7. Bill Phillips.
8. Fred Woolven.
9. John McNichol.
10. Ray Woodford.
12. Allan Williams
13. Bill Allfrey.

11. Duncan Perry. Assistant to groundsman Frankie Howard.
14. Paul Burton. Assistant to maintenance man Sam Capon.
15. Nigel Williams. Assistant secretary Nigel came to the Goldstone from Fulham 12 months ago.

16. Peter Ward.
17. Mick Kerslake.
18. Paul Clark.
19. Malcolm Poskett.
20. Gerry Ryan.
21. Peter O’Sullivan.
22. Peter Sayer.

23. Frankie Howard. Goldstone groundsman Frankie is an ex-Albion player who played in the 1958 promotion winning side.

24. Ken Tiler.
25. Gary Williams.
26. Chris Cattlin.
27. Martin Chivers.
28. Andy Rollings.
29. Graham Moseley.
30. Mark Lawrenson.
31. Teddy Maybank.
32. Eric Steele.

33. George Aitken. George hails from the North-East, having played for Middlesbrough and Workington and later managed Workington. He was brought to the Goldstone by Peter Taylor as coach.

34. Glen Wilson. He captained Albion’s promotion winning side of 1958 and is now kit man.

35. Sam Capon. Maintenance man Sam used to run is own business, but now he is the odd-job man who does what ever needs to be done.

36. Jackie Harriott. Has been with the commercial staff for 18 months assisting with fund-raising.

37. Hilda Barnett. She is the cleaner and on match days she is tea lady.

38. Arthur Mates. Latest addition to the fund-raising staff working on the new Wishbone Lottery.

39. Shirley Holland. Accountant and bookkeeper.

40. Ken Calver. Club secretary, Ken was previously with Charlton. The promotion celebrations saw him develop an unexpected talent for singing.

41. Alan Mullery. The ex-Fulham and England skipper who stepped into the Goldstone hot seat and despite having no managerial experience, has taken the club to its finest hour.

42. Herzi Sless. Club doctor.

43. Harry Bloom. The vice-chairman of Hove Motors and has now broadened his interests by becoming a hotelier.
44. Mike Bamber. The man who has masterminded Albion’s rise to glory, having made his money as a property developer.
45. Tom Appleby. Director Tom lives in Isfield. He is a farmer and a talented seven-handicap golfer.
46. Dudley Sizen. A director who runs a farm near Lindfield and has two plastics factories in Kent.
47. Brian Horton. The Albion skipper, whose initial attempt to get into professional football failed, has proved his abilities as a player and leader in the best possible way, with success.
48. Ron Pavey. Commercial manager, Ron has been the key to providing cash to carry Albion to success. He came to the Goldstone with experience of fund-raising as secretary to the Sussex Sunday League.

Out of the 48 here, Fred is the only one still employed by the club!

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2 thoughts on “The Goldstone Staff Photo 1979

  1. Steve Cowdry says:

    Great stuff, as ever! Although Fred is the only one still employed by the club, thankfully, the connection with the Bloom family continues…..!

  2. Steve says:

    My Grandad Sam capon would have been proud of the New Stadium .

    I remember back in the 70s when my grandad took me to into the ground in the morning and we would sit in a tea hut with Frankie Howard who would be playing cards with my grandad. Just after they would both get the pitch ready etc.

    I was around 10 then and was allowed to sit in the staff / team area where I would see Peter ward , Mark lawrenson,Steve Foster ,well pretty much the whole team walking too and throw , I remember seeing Alan Mullery a stern man as I remember and was too frightened to say hi as I remember , but just of late I see him down my local Aldi in west hove with his wife but I still could not bring my self to say hi ( how all those years come back to haunt you lol)

    Any way back in the day I used to remember the crowds of 35,000 plus packing the goldstone . As a little boy this was overwhelming at times and now we have a great New Stadium and soon once again we should be getting those crowds as we did then and we will again I’m sure .

    Steve Capon
    Le Sandwich
    Portland Road

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