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Panini’s Football ’83: The Last Ones Standing


After a four year spell of uphill struggle, punctuated by some occasional famous victories, the team of 1982/83 was the last Brighton side to take part in First Division football.

As you can see, the dour Mike Bailey was still in charge when these stickers were printed. He gave way to Jimmy Melia and George Aitken as joint-caretaker managers in December 1982 after some horrific away performances in the League. The Albion board clearly felt they could do with a change.


And perhaps Panini also felt they could do with a change. The long, narrow stickers with a full-body pose marked a striking break from the tried-and-tested formula of head-and-body shots of previous Panini albums. Would have been interesting to see them trying to fit Melia and Aitken in the new sticker dimensions!

Graham Moseley, like all the other keepers in this album, was clearly instructed by the artistic director to hold the ball with his hands in some way, while the outfield players were possibly given the choice to put a foot on the ball or let it lay in front of them. Hands on hips / crossed in front / behind back also formed the orders of the day with only Jimmy Case ventured beyond the conventional to try some outlandish ‘both hands on one thigh’ combination. Elsewhere on the other pages of this album, you can see players with hands to protect their groin region or posing with socks but no boots on!


However, it was back to the standard head-and-shoulders fare by Football ’84. Didn’t make much difference as far as Brighton & Hove Albion was concerned, as never again were we to enjoy a double page Panini sticker album spread of our side.

Notable other stickers in Football ’83 include future skipper Doug Rougvie and future Brighton manager Mark McGhee in the magnificent Aberdeen side that was to taste European Cup Winners’ Cup glory in the 1982/83 campaign.

Future Albion goalkeeping coach Tony Godden was West Brom’s goalie.

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League of Blogs 2013 – The Goldstone Wrap’s entry

It’s here!

The Football Attic’s ‘League of Blogs 2013’ has kicked off. “What is that?!’, you may be asking.

Well, the Football Attic is a marvellous retro football blog started by Rich J and Chris O in November 2011. They have a podcast and an occasional video blog as well. With a love of retro and a sense of humour, they explore and unpick match programmes, football kit design, stickers and other bits and bobs from yesteryear. I particularly enjoyed their entry on Daily Mirror sticker albums of the 1980s, my gateway drug into football memorabilia as a child. Last year, they created a Subbuteo-style wall chart for football bloggers, encouraging blog writers everywhere to design a kit on a Subbuteo player to represent their site and join forces in a gigantian project of high creativity and fun.

This year, Rich and Chris are asking for submissions in the form of club crests and Subbuteo kits which they’ll turn into Panini-style stickers, with the chance of real foil stickers being produced.

Fast off the mark, The Goldstone Wrap has an entry which looks like this:


OK, cards on the table time. For the crest, I filched and changed colour of the Union flag-style circle from the Football League’s crest circa 1988 before placing The Goldstone Wrap’s Albion shirt graphic (originally from this lovely Adidas advert from 1984/85) inside.

Then, for the home kit, I went with blue-Ajax as a variation on the Albion kit of the 1960s which had a blue-Arsenal design. The away kit used the same template. I tried red with a white band in the middle, and black shorts, but it was too overwhelmingly ’80s Southampton for me. My eventual choice of red with a black band echoes the red and black stripes that Brighton have worn in the 1970s and 2000s. A third kit (which I’m not allowed!) would probably be needed against teams in red and white stripes. What do you think? Feel free to leave comments.

In the meantime, you can join in the fun. Please have a look at ‘League of Blogs 2013’ to see some of the other designs, discover and read other football sites and, if you write a blog, get cracking with your own submission.

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FKS Soccer-81 gets messy

fks 1981

FKS, a dominant force in UK sticker publication in the 1970s, began to lose its leading position towards the end of the decade and here it’s easy to see why. This sticker abomination is so wrong on many counts. That Brighton and Hove Albion had to share its double page with Coventry is a despicable crime, made worse by the inclusion of Gordon Smith in a – gulp! – Rangers shirt.

Even the players in Albion kit are in the wrong Albion kit as, of course, we had already ditched the stripes for the all-blue polyester Adidas affair for the 1980/81 season.

Whoever was in charge of the artwork was clearly trying to pull wool over our eyes. Don’t let him/her be tricking you. A closer look suggests Peter Suddaby and Neil McNab have had images of their heads unconvincingly superimposed on other Brighton players’ bodies in a Frankenstein experiment while Ray Clarke has had blue stripes added to what may originally have been a Spurs top.

I’ll forgive FKS suggesting the Albion as being founded in 1900 as that was what was widely thought of at the time. But having a non-foil crest that is a mere photo of a replica shirt badge, with some clumsy cropping applied? Really?! It was hardly going to help FKS in the fight with Panini to win the loyalty and the pocket money of school kids.

Still, some quality shots of Steve Foster, John Gregory, Brian Horton, Mark Lawrenson, Graham Moseley, Peter Ward and Gary Williams are very welcome, not to mention the surprising inclusion of rookie midfielder Giles Stille, looking rather studious.

Click the image for a close-up.

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