Introducing Brighton’s Tortoise, the King of the League


North Stand Chat participant Jackcgull, creator of the Eye On The Seagulls website, has alerted me to this magnificent tortoise. He writes:

I kept terrapins as a youngster (back in 1978) and my mum saw this beast in the Seagull Shop and bought it for me. I used it as a Godzilla-like enemy of my action men characters (i was 10/11 at the time). When i left home it must have hidden away at my mum’s – and there it was, under her stairs – 35 years later!!!

No idea why they would produce a cuddly ‘King of the League’ tortoise – would love to know more.

I remember offering it to someone who was starting an Albion museum – not sure why, but he didn’t want it!

Anyway – is there anyone else who has or has ever had one of these? A true relic of the Albion’s days in the top division and the Fa Cup Final!

Marvellous. If anyone else has any quite insane Albion memorabilia, please get in touch at seagulls@me followed by .comor leave a comment to this post.


One thought on “Introducing Brighton’s Tortoise, the King of the League

  1. […] And look! Here’s a familiar sight for users of this blog who’ve been reading it from the beginning. The ‘King of the League’ patch from an exquisite Brighton tortoise! […]

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