Steve Foster’s guide to the Brighton 1982/83 Cup Final team


From the Daily Mirror on Saturday 21st May 1983:

Even though I’m unable to play in the final, I’ll be in Brighton’s dressing-room, helping to both motivate and calm the players.

i know the ones who have pre-match butterflies and the others, like Jimmy Case, who keep absolutely cool.
What are they like, these lads who foce the greatest game of their lives?

GRAHAM MOSELEY (goalkeeper): “Mose” is easy-going and always smiling. I’ve known him laugh when he’s had to pick the ball out of the net. But don’t be deceived. He might appear a bit casual, he can make saves that put him in the very top class – as he did against Sheffield Wednesday in the semi-final.

CHRIS RAMSEY (right back): We call him “Yifter” – have you seen the way Chris walks? Our most consistent player since he came into the side. He’s headstrong and missed the semi-final after a sending-off. But I wouldn’t want him to curb his aggression.

STEVE GATTING (central defender): To the lads, he is “Head”. It is big in relation to the size of his body. He’s always beaming, he’s a guy with a dry sense of humour who reads the game well, has good habits, and won’t panic.

GARY STEVENS (central defender): He is “Grease”, because he looks like a Spanish waiter, or “Matt” to his close friends. They know why! He is very composed on the ball and is developing in the same mould as Mark Lawrenson, now with Liverpool.

GRAHAM PEARCE (left back): To the rest of the team he is “Pleaty” because, he looks like Luton manager David Pleat. Graham is the quiet type. He has a great left foot and always wants main.

NEIL SMILLIE (midfield): Neil wears glasses off the pitch and is “Specky” to everyone at Brighton. We reckon he should wear them over his contact lenses when he plays. I’m only kidding. He is one of the quickest players’ I have ever seen. His pace will worry United.

JIMMY CASE (midfield): “Jimbo” is a hard man with a shot to match. I’ve seen people trying to split him in two. He has got up and laughed it off. If there was a war, I’d want him beside me in the trenches.

TONY GREALISH (midfield): “Sleeper” is the man I’d want on the other side of me in a war. He’s so honest, he accepts responsibility even when it’s not his fault. Tony is a natural leader. With me missing, he was the obvious choice to lead out the team at Wembley. He thrives on responsibility.

GARY. HOWLETT (midfield): Known as “Fish”–but I can’t say why. Ask one of the other players! He is an Irish lad with bundles of skill who will love the atmosphere at Wembley. He could be another Liam Brady in a couple of years.

GORDON SMITH (striker): “Smudger” has been at his best since coming back from a loan spell in Glasgow with Rangers. He has great cruse control, can destroy defenders with his skills. If he repeats his form of the semi-final, our players will all get winners’ medals.

MICHAEL ROBINSON (striker): “Migraine Mick” or “Fatty” at the Goldstone. He’s one big headache to us all. Seriously, because he is a good friend of mine, Robbo is a man for the big occasion. I hope he shows us all his teeth when he scores the winner.

GERRY RYAN (sub): is one of the most genuine guys in the game. A good finisher who won’t let us down if he has to come on.


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