The Apprentices ’83

The Apprentices 1982/83

These three full-time apprentices are Martin Lambert, a 17 year old centre-forward from Southempton, David Ellis, a 16 year old midfielder from Newcastle-under-Lyme and Gerry McTeague, 17, a centre-half from Edinburgh.

‘We all want to make it in the game,’ says Martin, the player on the right. ‘There’s nowhere we’d rather be.’

Following this photo published in the Brighton v Watford programme, 1982/83, Lambert was the only one of the three who signed professional forms with the Albion, having a baptism of fire against Leeds in August 1983.

He was released at the end of the 1984/85 season with three appearances to his name before rejoining the Goldstone playing staff under Barry Lloyd in July 1989.

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