Welcome to this retro blog

I started the Seagulls TV website at www.seagulls.tv in 2009 to gather and share vintage videos of Brighton & Hove Albion from yesteryear. It’s been a glorious journey of unearthing hidden gems, such as the 8-2 humiliation at the hands of Bristol Rovers in 1973 to inflicting a cup shock over mighty Liverpool at Anfield in 1983.

As I gradually assemble that site, I have come across other material that doesn’t currently fit the current videos/profiles/action/stats format of that site but may be of interest to other supporters. For you perusal, I aim to post images of retro merchandise you could have bought from the Seagulls Shop back in the day, as well as articles and photos gleamed from the likes of Shoot! and Match magazine.

Whether you remember collecting Panini football stickers when Brighton were a force in the top flight or gathered some souvenirs from the final match at the Goldstone, I hope they’ll be some stuff here of interest to you.

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