Happy birthday to The Goldstone Wrap

Twelve months ago, I began The Goldstone Wrap blog to share with you lots of articles and photos I have gathered of Brighton & Hove Albion down the years. My ambitious goal was to post one article a day and see how much interest there was in a retro blog about the club’s history up to 1997.

I have been delighted that this blog has reached post number 366 today. Over that time, the number of readers has increased significantly. There have also been lots of positive feedback, particularly on Twitter and North Stand Chat. I’ve also met some remarkably generous people who have leant me bits and pieces to share with you, not to mention extensive video and photo collections.

So it seems apt to celebrate this blog being one. If money was no object I’d have a cake with marzipan like this one from 1983:


Over the next few weeks, you can expect posts on Mike Bamber the jazz musician, Peter O’Sullivan’s views on a children’s book about him, a spectacular Terry Connor own goal, plus lots of Albion memorabilia.

As far as being daily, I am also planning to bring this blog to an end in June, when it reaches 500 posts. The archives will live on, and I will still post to it, but it won’t be once a day any more. It just seems like a good place for me to stop. My love for all things Albion retro remains undiminished, and I will continue to be open to sharing it with you, I promise!


8 thoughts on “Happy birthday to The Goldstone Wrap

  1. Richard H says:

    🌙🎉 Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you🎉

    Sorry to see that you will be “wrapping” it up in June. It’s been an interesting stroll down memory lane. I shall miss it, if I’m still here to do so 😃
    Richard H

  2. Paul says:

    Best blog on the internet, and I don’t even support Albion. Good luck with the semi-retirement.

  3. Happy birthday to a brilliant blog

  4. Steve Cowdry says:

    Happy Birthday – fantastic blog – my first port of call each morning!

  5. John Mackie says:

    Happy Birthday. Glad that it’s only a semi retirement.
    Have you got any photos that show the view from the lego stand?
    Wonderful blog!

  6. Thank you for all the well wishes!

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