Man City players chase Miss Brighton


Not sure whether this article furthers or puts back the cause of women’s lib. Still, a cracking photo, nevertheless!

Wearing the colours of her home town soccer club, Brighton and Hove Albion, Nicky Bradley, 20-year-old Miss Brighton, sets the pace for Manchester City players Alan Oakes, Cliff Sear and Dave Connor as she trains with the City team at their Maine Road ground.

Nicky, who holds her beauty queen title for the second successive year, was the Brighton area 100 yards sprint champion when she was at school and also won many other running events.

Doubtless her admirers have difficulty keeping pace.

She believes that regular exercises have given her “‘that little extra over other girls” and furthered her career as a model and beauty queen.

In the words of Spencer Davies: “Keep on running!”


2 thoughts on “Man City players chase Miss Brighton

  1. Dianne Bailey says:

    trying to find Nicky Bradley who was my bridesmaid in 1965

  2. Dianne Bailey says:

    trying to find Nicky Bradley I live in Australia , Nicky was one of my bridesmaid in 1965 and would love to find her

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