Graham Moseley’s yawn

A rarely seen Albion team photo for 1979/80, but look who’s over yonder, there a-yawning?


Why it’s first choice keeper Graham Moseley!

This photo was sent by Kevin (thanks Kevin!) who said:

It was given to me by a family member who didn’t appreciate it, as he is a Chelsea fan. I took it to a far better place and now hopefully will be hung somewhere at home. This family member trained with albion at some point but never went on to play pro.

As Jimbo26 put it on North Stand Chat:

Looks like Moseley had been at the Hove Park Tavern the night before. Good lad!!

Thankfully, Mose perked up enough for this other snap to be taken:


Back row: Giles Stille, Teddy Maybank, Malcolm Poskett, Gary Williams, Mike Kerslake, Gerry Ryan.

Middle row: Steve Foster, Andy Rollings, Graham Moseley, Eric Steele, Martin Chivers, Mark Lawrenson, John Gregory.

Front row: Paul Clark, Peter Sayer, Brian Horton, Peter O’Sullivan, Peter Ward.

It was this version that made it in the quite spectacular Evening Argus wallchart that was given away to readers before the 1979/80 season:


Despite Moseley’s sleepiness here, it certainly wasn’t a boring season as Brighton proved themselves worthy competitors in their debut campaign in the First Division. By mid-September, many fans would have given up on filling in the results, especially with the Seagulls regularly getting beaten by this point. Credit to the original owner of the wallchart for taking the time to complete the stats to the season’s close!


2 thoughts on “Graham Moseley’s yawn

  1. azchas says:

    Your line-up for the photo lists Gary Williams twice. The guy far right of the middle row is, I believe, John Gregory.

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