Steve Foster – Match Weekly profile from 1981/82

Here’s a profile of Albion skipper Steve Foster, sans headband, from Match Weekly:


(Click on the image to enlarge and read the profile in full).

It mentions his best goal as a header against Liverpool: ‘It didn’t count even though it crossed the line!’ Surely if he’s referring to the one in the 3-3 draw at the Goldstone in that season, it certainly counted, even though it may not have crossed the line. Well, I don’t think it did, judging from the footage!

Also note the positive words about his player for the future: ‘Mark Vanston, an apprentice at Brighton. He’s got a terrific left foot.’ If I had been Vanston, I’d have been overjoyed to read that. According to the Middlesbrough v Brighton programme in the 1981/82 season Vanston was a:


Steyning born youngster who is still an apprentice but averaged better than a goal a game in all his appearances in the Youth and Reserve teams for Brighton last season. Only 17 but he seems destined to make the great (sic) among a unique breed of goalscorers.

Unfortunately, he never did make any first team appearances and consequently, never had a chance to have his own Match Weekly profile…

Other than that, Foster’s was a pretty standard fare for a 1980s footballer profile, although I doubt many professional players ate three boiled eggs to go with chicken as a pre-match meal!

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One thought on “Steve Foster – Match Weekly profile from 1981/82

  1. Mark Vanston says:

    That was a great time to be at Albion. I learned a lot from Peter Ward, Michael Robinson etc. Unfortunately the new manager (Bailey) didn’t like the way I played and I wasn’t offered a Pro contract. Moved to the States shortly after my release and live in Houston TX now. Thanks for a reminder of the good old days!

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