Goodbye Scotland… Hello England for Gordon Smith

From Programme Plus, a piece by Tony Millard, covering the recent move of Gordon Smith from Rangers to Brighton, and the state of the game north of the border:


While he has no regrets at leaving Scotland, and Brighton’s ‘British Caledonian’ sponsorship makes it home for a Scot, Gordon Smith has many happy memories of his career North of the Border. He joined Kilmarnock at 14 as a schoolboy, played for their Reserves at 16 and for the last three seasons has been a key player at Ibrox. If he makes as much impact at the Goldstone Ground his ambitions will be almost completely achieved.

Years later, in his autobiography ‘And Smith Did Score’ (page 118), Smith expresses more about the changes he experienced:

“When I first went to Brighton, I was stunned by the difference and how well the players were treated compared to up in Scotland. When the Brighton players were travelling to away games on the coach, we had stewards serving us food like on an aeroplane. At Rangers, if the bus stopped on the way back from somewhere like Aberdeen, the players would have to buy their own fish suppers. And, if Willie Waddell decided that the bus wasn’t stopping, then we wouldn’t even get a fish supper!”


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