Opening of the Seagull Tavern

seagull tavern

Taken from the Brighton v Crystal Palace programme of December 1979:

Two weeks ago the nearest hostelry to the Goldstone took on a new name. The former Sackville pub on the corner of Old Shoreham Road and Sackville Road was renamed the ‘Seagull Tavern’ and there for the opening were a number of Albion players to wish landlord John Sainsbury well. Our photo shows the lads together with some ‘Seagulls’ lovelies.

Anyone who owned a replica of that Bukta shirt can vouch for its nipple-scratching effects of the sandpaper-like material. I hope the, ahem, ‘lovelies’ weren’t too discomforted. Gerry Ryan appears to be somewhat distracted by the young lady with Peter Sayer’s perm!

And a few drinks later, things get a bit more cosy…

seagulls tavern 2

(from Brighton v Southampton, Peter O’Sullivan testimonial programme, April 1980)

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