Teddy Maybank thinks ‘Brighton will be among the best’


From a piece in Shoot! Magazine:

Teddy Maybank, Brighton’s expensive signing, is at last accepted by the Goldstone Ground fans.

Maybank, who cost Brighton £238,000 from Fulham, found luck wasn’t on his side when he arrived on the South Coast. Last season’s goalscoring hero Peter Ward was in the middle of a long goal famine, something the fans had never seen before from the striker. So when costly Maybank arrived, everyone looked to him to start hitting the score-sheet regularly.

Maybank scored a few early goals. But he was honest enough to admit: “I wasn’t playing well. I knew that.

My early form was a disappointment to the fans. They expected me to come in and start scoring regularly and doing incredible things. It’s always hard when you change clubs and you need a while to settle in. I have to adjust to my new team mates but they’ve had to change and adapt to playing with me.”

Maybank, despite his initial problems, is in no doubt he has made the right decision. “I believe in a couple of seasons, Brighton will be one of the best sides in the country. The whole club wants to go places and I’m convinced we’ll do just that.”

it is worth noting that after his signing in November 1977, Maybank hit ten League goals in the promotion campaign of 1978/79, same as Peter Ward. This included a Boxing Day hat-trick against Cardiff in 1978. He also notched up the club’s first two goals in top flight football, at Villa Park and Maine Road in August 1979. However, he never fully won over his detractors, returning to Fulham in December, having fallen out with Alan Mullery, for £150,000.

Maybank later appeared as a contestant on Blind Date and The Weakest Link.


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