Sex god Keith Dublin


Something rather sleazy about this photo, don’tcha think? Would you ask an autograph from this man?!

Signed from Chelsea for £50,000 in the summer, Keith Dublin was an ever-present left-back during the 1987/88 Third Division promotion before blossoming into a classy central defender.

Extracts from his profile in the Brighton v Bristol City programme from February 1988:

Most embarrassing moment: Smacking the ball into the referee’s face, but it was a pure accident.
Favourite Food: Chicken Kiev.
Radio: L.W.R. and T.K.O. pirate stations
How I Would Improve Football: Have a change of referee at half-time! But serious, I’m quite happy the way it is.
Ambitions: To further myself in my chosen career and live a happy peaceful life.


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