Shirts of the wrong era

Here’s the yellow away shirt of the 1978/79 as worn by the regular centre-half during that season… er, Martin Keown.


And here’s the mid-1980s adidas kit with NOBO sponsor, as worn by the main goalgetter in that side… um, Peter Ward?


Somewhere, I’ve also got video footage of Michael Robinson wearing the Albion shirt of 1972/73.

It’s strange seeing these ‘out of time’ pictures, especially when players become so associated with certain kits. The Wardy one is obviously from a cameo appearance at a testimonial. However, in the case of Keown and Robinson, old Albion gear was used for training and practice matches years after they ceased being used in first team matches, and then chucked. A pity, as they’d be worth a fortune now!

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