Albion’s all-time 11? Take your pick

Here’s a splendid article from Not Worth That blog yesterday. My Albion all-time 11?

GK Peter Grummitt
RB John Gregory
LB Wayne Bridge
CB Gary Stevens
CB Mark Lawrenson
M Liam Bridcutt
M Jimmy Case
M Brian Horton
RW Elliott Bennett
F Bobby Zamora
F Peter Ward

I’d love to hear your own team. Please add them on Twitter using #BHAFCXI or add a comment below.

3 thoughts on “Albion’s all-time 11? Take your pick

  1. Les says:

    Surely Robinson deserves a place up front doesn’t he?

    • Michael Robinson’s forty goals for Brighton in the top flight makes a very strong case, yes. I just didn’t wish to leave out Peter Ward, that’s all, and sadly the Ward-Robinson partnership didn’t seem to gel at the start of the 1980/81 season. On balance, I thought Zamora would make a more effective foil for Wardy, although the quality of his hold-up play was more obvious after he left.

  2. Steve Cowdry says:

    Hard to disagree with any of the choices – although Penney, Ryan or Towner as possible alternatives as wing-man…..?

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