From Alan Young’s autobiography: Keegan’s farewell


Writer Simon Kimber was kind enough to send me an extract from Alan Young’s autobiography in collaboration with him. It was the striker’s sat match for the Seagulls, but the game is best remembered for another farewell, not to mention Beardsley’s masterpiece:

One match that sticks in my mind was the final game of the season in May 1984 when Brighton flew up to Newcastle to play at St James Park. It was Kevin Keegan’s last match for them and there was a lot of fuss and attention on Kevin because of this and I think we lost 3-1 but I had a great day.

I know that Chris Waddle chipped big Joe Corrigan and I set up Gerry Ryan up for his goal. I spent a lot of time at right back trying to retrieve the ball and tackling back, doing all the stuff that I shouldn’t have been doing. I know that Jock Wallace would have kicked my arse for it!

After the game we went back to Teeside Airport and we were preparing to fly home. We got to know some of the British Caledonian stewardesses quite well because they all lived in Brighton and all went out to the same wine bars and clubs that the players went to.

Anyway, when we got on the plane there was a crowd of us that always sat near the back. I know we had lost but we had played well and the season was now over so he should have left it alone.

While Brighton supporters are full of praise for Cattlin, it’s interesting to hear another player (along with Joe Corrigan and Gordon Smith) who have been less than complimentary about the Cat’s man management skills in their autobiographies.


4 thoughts on “From Alan Young’s autobiography: Keegan’s farewell

  1. Richard H says:

    Ok I’m curious ….”I know we had lost but we had played well and the season was now over so he should have left it alone.”

    Left what alone ?

    • The extract didn’t say what. However, I am guessing that Chris Cattlin was critical of the Brighton team’s performance, whereas Alan Young thought there was little point in haranguing the team over it, especially as the season was over and the next competitive match was a long time away.

      • Richard H says:

        Yes, I’d guessed it was something like that. Did Catt catch someone signing up for the “Mile High Club” I wonder ? 😉

  2. Steve Cowdry says:

    I bumped into Peter Beardsley a couple of years ago and he enjoyed recalling his goal in this game when I told him I was a Brighton supporter!

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