Sully keeps in the swing


A retro piece from ‘Seagull News’ from its Autumn Edition 1991 gave the rundown on what Peter O’Sullivan was up to after hanging up his boots:

A former Albion star who thrilled thousands with his displays of attacking football is now providing cover in his role as an insurance consultant.

Peter O’Sullivan, known affectionately as Sully, was the Seagulls’ longest serving post-war player with over 400 League games to his credit.

The former Welsh international – he played three matches, two against Scotland and one against Malta scored over 40 goals while with the Albion in his position as a raiding left-winger.

Now living with his wife in Shoreham, Sully reflects happily on his years with the Albion, when he served under five managers who included Freddie Goodwin, Pat Saward, Brian Clough, Peter Taylor and Alan Mullery.

“Often when fans see me they recount the times I appeared to them to tear along the line with the ball in pursuit of a goal,” he says, adding modestly: “I always have a quiet smile at their memory of the events. The truth is I never had any real pace at all.”

He had his debut with the Albion in August 1970 with a Division 3 home match against Torquay and scored his first goal for the club two months later against Rochdale.

Sully, who was on Manchester United’s books before joining Brighton, was part of the team which won promotion from the Third to the Second Division while with the Albion.

After leaving Brighton he had spells at Fulham, and San Diego, where he played against such players as Becenbauer, Cruyff and George Best.

Looking trim and spritely for his 40 years, Sully returned to the game last year when he provided valuable support in helping County Leaguers Newhaven get promotion.

He played with the team because of his friendship with Andy Rollins, a former Albion team-mate. “I thoroughly enjoyed myself and it was good to help a friend, but I haven’t any future ambitions in that direction. Not at the moment, anyway,” added Sully.

The only patch of green grass he currently plays on can be found on a golf course. Always a keen golfer, he now plays off a single-figure handicap.



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