New executive boxes in the North Stand!

At the Goldstone Ground, the old North Stand was demolished in 1980 as it was deemed structurally unsafe by East Sussex County Council. This image is from a watercolour painting saved from a house clearance of ex-Albion chairman Bryan Bedson. It gives a fascinating artist’s impression of how the old structure’s replacement might have looked:


If you study it carefully, you can see twenty executive boxes above advertising boards for companies such as TVS and Caffyns.

I’m not sure how public this image was at the time. It might have seemed all a bit ‘pie in the sky’ as this protest banner suggested. The banner was seen draped over the railings in 1982/83, as Brighton departed the top flight:


In the end, a plain roof was built over the North Stand. But for those still dreaming of executive boxes in the North Stand: the drawing board went that-a-way!

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