‘Skilful Soccer’ by Stephen Ford and Colin Woffinden


Stephen Ford was the Football Development Officer at Brighton & Hove Albion. He later become joint managing director of Albion In The Community, before stepping down in summer 2013.

Colin Woffinden was an ex-Albion player who became the club’s youth coach. His claim to fame was being part of both the Walton & Hersham and the Leatherhead sides that pulled off FA Cup shocks over Brighton in the 1970s.

Between them, they co-wrote this little-known book ‘The Guinness Book of Skilful Soccer’ in 1991, which, according to its back page:

‘breaks the mould of traditional manuals by going a step beyond their emphasis on soccer techniques – such as how to kick a ball – and developing these techniques into skills – such as passing and shooting – to be used under match conditions.’

Here’s a sample page from the manual:


Although the graphics aren’t particularly cutting edge, the drills look decent enough. Anyway, it’s good to see two servants of the club so connected with the development of players sharing their football expertise in this way.

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One thought on “‘Skilful Soccer’ by Stephen Ford and Colin Woffinden

  1. Andy Willmont says:

    I trained with Colin Woffinden at Burgess Hill and he certainly knows how to get players fit.
    I went to school with Stephen ford at Hove Grammar and we used to go to the football nets at lunchtime and shoot at the goals , with a goalkeeper if we could get one ! He was agood football player himself

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