Autographs – Brighton & Hove Albion 1970s

Very occasionally on The Goldstone Wrap, I will reblog articles from other blogs that help to celebrate the history of the club. In Jackie Dinnis’ lovely nostalgic blog, she recalls collecting autographs of Brighton players in the Pat Saward era. A very wonderful colour photo of the 1971/72 promotion side is here too. Please click the link above.

Meeting my family

After collecting signatures from my friends at school in the late 1960s I progressed to the next level – famous sporting stars.  I managed to get some when we were on our family holidays, as visiting sports stars made appearances once a week.  Then I began collecting some from my local football team – Brighton & Hove Albion.  I first went along there in 1972, and I think these autographs came from around that time.  I have very little recollection of obtaining these signatures, it was during the time the players would be ‘warming up’ before the game, when they could be persuaded to come over to the side of the pitch and scribble their name on a programme or in a book.  I managed to get several signatures, but I’m sure this was mainly due to Dad pushing my book in front of the players for me.  I also had a team photograph…

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