Double A-Side single: ‘In Brighton’ / ‘The Goldstone Rap’ (1982)

First Division footballers they may have been, but Brighton’s team of ’82 also made an audacious bid for pop fame and hip-hop credibility.

From left to right, here are the rather earnest-looking Gordon Smith, Steve Gatting, Perry Digweed, Andy Ritchie, Jimmy Case, Gary Williams, Gary Stevens, Gerry Ryan, Michael Robinson and Steve Foster seeking to set the world alight with their dulcet tones and Farah slacks, not to mention their previously unrevealed rapping skills:


In the Brighton v Tottenham match programme from March 1982, it was announced:

Last Wednesday our first team squad had a unique day out when they travelled to recording studios in South London to cut their first record. The record is entitled ‘In Brighton’ and should be available on general sale in early April.

Howard Krugar, who lives in Hove and specialises in organising concerts for some of the world’s biggest stars, is the man behind the idea and he is hopeful of the disc making the charts. In fact it is highly likely that the Albion squad will appear on ‘Top of the Pops’.

Also involved in the record is BBC football commentator Peter Brackley who livens things up with commentary on a memorable Albion goal… which one? Well, for that you’ll have to buy the record.

Thanks to the lads at We Are Brighton, you can hear ‘In Brighton’ here:

Based on the Drifters’ song ‘On Broadway,’ the song received a positive response from John Henty who gave it a spin at Radio Brighton on Sunday 4th April. With dubious lyrics such as ‘Big Fozzie keeps it tight for Brighton’ and the boast of ‘Playin’ at the Goldstone Ground, where good football’s always found’ (sadly, no football of any kind down there now), not to mention even dodgier singing, the song probably did not have much of a fanbase outside of Brighton supporters.

Nevertheless, it was also played by Peter Powell on Radio One. However, as notes that month in the Brighton v Manchester United programme lamented:

Last week Peter Powell played the disc on his Radio One show but allowed his own support of Wolves to colour his comments on the merits of the recording.

The song was also erroneously aired on BBC’s ‘Match of the 80s’ series in the 1990s in its coverage of Brighton’s FA Cup run of 1983, with Danny Baker hesitating about even calling it a ‘song’! And, just in case you are wondering, the Andy Ritchie goal that Brackley acts out a commentary on is almost certainly this swerving free-kick belter from the Brighton v West Bromwich Albion game in February 1982:

The other track on this Double A-side was ‘The Goldstone Rap’, which this very blog you are reading takes its name from. Looking at it now, it’s amazing to think that Brighton & Hove Albion were at the forefront of the UK hip-hop scene in 1982, especially as this was almost certainly the first ever football song to feature rapping.

Unlikely to win any prizes at the MOBO awards, the rap memorably includes such lyrical gems as:
‘When you make that cross you’re gonna cross it fine / Give the ball to the player on the dead ball line.’

Never mind the MOBOs, though. Were you at Busby’s Night Club on Kingswest, Kings Road, in Brighton on the evening of Tuesday 6th April 1982? If you were, you would have been present to the grand launch of the single, as Brighton & Hove Albion’s first team squad belted out their musical masterpieces on stage! Sadly, I have no video footage of this priceless moment.

When released to the general public, the colour sleeve of the 7″ looked splendid, with the players proudly posing in front of the temporary Lego Stand in all its glory:



The price was a bargain £1.20. Buyers of the single from the club shop were also given a chance to enter a great competition to win two tickets to Dallas, Texas, with British Caledonian Airways.


So, was the Brighton release a launchpad to instant chart fame and fortune? Unfortunately, the single sank without trace but it gave Steve Foster (whose vocals also featured on the England 1982 World Cup song ‘This Time’), an opportunity to meet up with proper singer David Soul and wing a copy to the ‘Starsky and Hutch’ star:


Years later, I was wondering about ‘The Goldstone Rap’ and imagining what it would have sounded like if it adopted the electro sound of 1982’s other great hip-hop release, ‘The Message’ by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five. Thanks to the power of the internet, and due to a discussion on North Stand Chat, I got to find out.

Major props to Ian, the DJ who created this ‘Goldstone Message’:

A much enhanced version, I hope you’ll agree. In terms of pushing at the limits of what was possible for music and Brighton & Hove Albion footballers, it was certainly close to the edge.

Some MP3 files for your listening pleasure:
(right-click to ‘Save Target As…’ or ‘Download Linked File’)
In Brighton
The Goldstone Rap
The Goldstone Message

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4 thoughts on “Double A-Side single: ‘In Brighton’ / ‘The Goldstone Rap’ (1982)

  1. Paul says:

    Maybe it won a NOBO award instead?

  2. In case you wanted to sing along, the ‘In Brighton’ lyrics are:

    Playin’ ’em off the park this year for Brighton
    We’re gonna do it right this year for Brighton
    Playin’ at the Goldstone Ground
    Where good football’s always found
    Gonna be a party here this year

    Robbo and Ritchie score the goals for Brighton
    Big Fozzie keeps it tight for Brighton
    The Goldstone crowd play their part
    Always cheerin’ from the start
    Gonna be some football played down here

    (Peter Brackley commentary: “It’s a free kick to Brighton just outside the penalty area. In comes Andy Ritchie – oh, what a shot! He bends it right around the wall and that is a magnificent goal”)

    The road to Europe is open now for Brighton
    They’ll be a celebration now in Brighton
    We have to play each year, you know
    To make this club grow and grow
    Gonna be a party here this year

    B-R-I-G-H-T-O-N Brighton
    B-R-I-G-H-T-O-N Brighton
    B-R-I-G-H-T-O-N Brighton
    B-R-I-G-H-T-O-N Brighton
    B-R-I-G-H-T-O-N Brighton

  3. And ‘The Goldstone Rap’ lyrics:
    When the whistle blows, and the fans cheer
    You can hear that roar from the Palace Pier
    Push the ball through the gap then pull it back
    Make a run up the centre to the point of attack
    When you make that cross you’re gonna cross it fine
    Give the ball to the player on the dead ball line
    Then watch that man with every trick he’s learned
    He’ll knock it in the box and make a shot on the turn

    There’s a shot at the goal and the fans go wild
    You can hear them singing from the Seven Dials
    There’s a flash of colour and it’s blue and white
    And it’s in the back of the net to the fans’ delight
    Now the skipper’s going deep and there’s a run on the wing
    If the opponents are asleep they’re gonna feel that sting
    Give us one more, one more,
    The temperature starts to rise
    Now we found a space and we got the pace
    To catch them on a big surprise

    You got the Goldstone Rap, the Goldstone Rap

    You got the Goldstone Rap, the Goldstone Rap

    Well we’re staying on attack,
    Keep our rivals on the rack
    ‘Til the ref gives his final blow
    Now we won’t look back,
    Like a bullet from a gun
    We’ll make a killing with every show
    Now the fans clap with every pass
    And there’s action on the bench
    There’s a dreamy ball that’s floating down
    And we’ve all got a thirst to quench

    It’s a goal, it’s a goal, it’s a goal
    Can you hear the noise
    It’s a goal, it’s a goal, it’s a goal
    From the brighton boys

    You got the Goldstone Rap, the Goldstone Rap

    You got the Goldstone Rap, the Goldstone Rap

    The Goldstone Rap, the Goldstone Rap

    The Goldstone Rap, the Goldstone Rap

  4. […] In 1982, both players also turned their talents in the recording studio. With the Albion, Foster had a stab at singing on ‘In Brighton’ / ‘The Goldstone Rap’. […]

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