Seagulls Talc


What a product! This was perfect as a Christmas present in 1981 for dads, uncles and grandads. It would also have suited you if you were getting hot and sticky running around in your tight-fitting Brighton ‘British Caledonian’ adidas polyester replica shirt, the type that didn’t allow much air in.


Many thanks to John Mackie for sending it in. He says, “I don’t think they’re trading any more. This specimen was saved from the bin when my granddad died. I bought it for him in the early 80s from the Franklands Village store in Haywards Heath. It smelt quite nice actually.”

If you have any photos of Brighton & Hove Albion memorabilia from pre-1997 that you’d like to share, please send to seagulls@me adding .com at the end. Thanks!


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