Your questions for Fred Binney


Through doing The Goldstone Wrap blog, I’ve been contacted by Fred Binney’s son Adam. As many of you know, Fred was the Brighton team’s goal poacher supreme in the mid-1970s, hitting 23 League goals in 1975/76 (all but five at the Goldstone) before losing his place to the Ward-Mellor partnership the following season.

Adam says his dad is “retired now and spends as much time on his narrow boat with my mum as possible. He’s invited to go back to Brighton to walk the pitch every year and loves it when he has the time to get there. Apart from that he stopped coaching Plymouth Uni this season, But I suspect he misses it.”

His son also adds “he is not really interested in being lauded and doesn’t look for any kind of adoration. He doesn’t really like the attention, but he does love Brighton & Hove Albion and remembers his time there fondly.”

I asked if Fred was willing to do an interview with questions from Albion fans, and he was. So, if anyone has any questions for Fred, or thoughts on him as a player, please add them as a comment or email them to seagulls@me before adding .com at the end.



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