Perry Digweed – My Fair Laddie


From Programme Plus:

Perry Digweed and Elisa Doolittle have a lot in common. Brighton’s brilliant young goalkeeper and ‘My Fair Lady’ share Covent Garden, London’s famous fruit and flower market, as their launching pad to stardom. Shaw’s heroine is, of course, a purely fictional filly. Brighton’s 21-year-old goalkeeper, signed for £150,000 from Fulham Reserves at the start of the year, is very much for real.

So real, in fact, that Ron Greenwood recently chose him for an England Under-21 International, after only three appearances in the First Division.

Since the international debut of the goalkeeper with the strange-sounding name – it could have been snipped from the pages of Boys’ Own Paper – has been delayed. But when Greenwood announced Digweed’s name in his squad to face Eire at Anfield, he also admitted:

“Perry was recommended to me when he was at Fulham, but playing in the reserves, it was difficult. Since joining Brighton, I watched him twice, and was very impressed.”

If and when he does win a full cap, the Digweed rags-to-riches story will be a real-life repetition of the Elisa Doolittle classic.”


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