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Small, Codner, Wilkins

Here’s Mike Small


Here’s Robert Codner


And here’s Dean Wilkins


All excellent players on their day. All plucked from non-league football or as English players brought back from abroad, hallmarks of a Barry Lloyd signing for the club at the time.

On Saturday 15th September 1990, all three players scored for Brighton in a 3-2 victory over Charlton Athletic at the Goldstone Ground. Small, Codner, Wilkins. Nothing unusual about that.

The following Wednesday, 19th, Brighton played their next match, against south coast rivals Portsmouth, again winning 3-2. And you’ve guessed it, the scorers were… Small, Codner and Wilkins. In that order. I wish I could say the attendance was exactly the same for both games, but that wouldn’t be true!

Then, the next Saturday, Brighton were away to Bristol City, 2-0 down at half-time. Could the miraculous happen again with a stirring 3-2 comeback courtesy of our famous goalscoring trio? Sadly, it was not to be. Although Mike Small scored, Codner and Wilkins didn’t and Brighton ended up losing 3-1.

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