Pre-Season 1991-92 photo shoot

rocker959 posted some excellent pre-season snaps on North Stand Chat a few months ago. Austrian Gull sums it up nicely:

Great photos.

Worst shorts worn by a professional football team EVER.

Perry Digweed:

Perry Digweed

John Crumplin:

John Crumplin

John Byrne:

John Byrne

Garry Nelson:

Gary Nelson

Gary O’Reilly:

Gary O'Reilly

Clive Walker:

Clive Walker

Mike Small and Ian Chapman:

Mike Small and Ian Chapman

David Clarkson:

David Clarkson

Dean Wilkins:

Dean Wilkins

Mark Barham:

Mark Barham

Gary Chivers:

Gary Chivers

John Robinson:

John Robinson

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6 thoughts on “Pre-Season 1991-92 photo shoot

  1. Richard H says:

    Already in the depths of post World Cup despair, you now decide it is a good time to remind us of our infamous stripey pants…..thanks mate 😉

  2. scherben909 says:

    Off subject, but, as a kid, did you ever wished you lived in one of those houses overlooking the Goldstone? (To give a context, I always wished I lived in one of the houses next to Old Trafford on SMB Way (then Warwick Road). Imagine waking up everyday to a view overlooking the inside of the stadium of your team…

  3. Chris Worrall says:

    I can never decide whether this ribero kit, or the other ribero kit, are works of art or crimes against fashion. Sometimes I like them, sometimes I hate them.

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