Shoot Cover: Jimmy Case (23 April 1983)


Some interesting thoughts from Steve Foster, going into the FA Cup Semi-Final match of 1983:

“Even now, with us just 90 minutes away from the Final, I’d swop a place at Wembley for First Division safety. We all want to go to Wembley because it would be the biggest day in the history of our club. But not at the expense of our First Division place. That would be too high a price to pay.”

Many Albion fans, who were at the Notts County game later on April 1983, cast doubt on Foster’s account here. In the County match, Foster was booked and therefore suspended from the Final. However, many supporters believed he jeopardised the club’s survival chances by trying to get himself sent off to avoid missing out on Wembley.


Meanwhile, Graham Moseley talks of being on the verge of quitting the game after being heavily criticised by Alan Mullery.

“My confidence was completely shattered and I was as close to packing it all in as I now am to playing at Wembley. But I stuck with it, and this is my reward.”

Moseley went on to make many outstanding saves in the FA Cup semi-Final against Sheffield Wednesday. However, there was a sting in the tail as when Alan Mullery returned in 1986, one of his first changes to personnel was giving Moseley a free transfer.

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