We’re going on a Brighton bear hunt

On Facebook, there are a few groups that can help you get your Brighton retro fix. For instance, there is the sublime Brighton-Past where members share an incredible archive of photos relating to the city/town. With more of an Albion focus, there is the equally splendid He Shot, He Scored. It Must Be Peter Ward group.

One photo that did the rounds a few months ago was this evocative image of Peter Ward holding a teddy bear, with former ‘next big thing’ Glen Geard in the background:


As you may remember, last year, we already looked at this bear in these snaps during Albion’s promotion season in 1978/79:

teddy bear with alan mullery

Mark Lawrenson and teddy bear

But now, there are a few more to add to the pile. For instance, in the Peter Ward group, Matthew Yeates wrote of his now increasingly scary looking bear – look at those eyes now:


30 years on and I still have that teddy in my loft. Think my mum and dad bought it for me from the old club shop at the Goldstone. Spent most of its life on my bed wearing my old British Caledonian kit.

Meanwhile, Graham Lucas scanned a photo of himself with a rude slogan on T-shirt, plus the fluffy pal he took to Newcastle in 1979:


Thanks, chaps! That bear seemed to have been ubiquitous at the time. Clearly, Maybank wasn’t the only Teddy in town.

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