Brighton & Hove Albion jigsaw puzzle of 1977/78

Congratulations to historian Tim Carder on the successful launch of the Brighton & Hove Albion museum at the Amex last night.

The museum is situated through Dick’s Bar on the North Stand and captures the history of the club in a very vivid way.

On North Stand Chat, one user Henfield One summed it perfectly when he said:

The Museum is quite simply brilliant – and huge thanks and gratitude goes to Tim for all his hard work and belief to bring it to reality. It is exactly how a museum should be – interactive, fresh, bright, nostalgic but tracing the history of the Club in a lively (non-cobwebby way).

A real supporter’s museum – a museum for all.

Well done Tim, thank you.

There were many interesting items, such as the shirts of Norman Gall, Chris Cattlin, Peter Ward, Tony Grealish and Steve Penney, models of the Goldstone and Withdean, an Albion fan’s bedroom full of memorabilia, as well as video and audio features. Many, many collectors’ items I hadn’t seen before.

Tantalisingly, you may have seen 32 pieces of this Albion jigsaw:


And if you want to see more, well, a few months ago, Brighton supporter Karl Wood was kind enough to send me these photos of the 1977/78 jigsaw puzzle that came in a tube:


With colour team group on one side, and a monochrome image of Alan Mullery on the other, it would have high on my Christmas list had I been around in 1977!


I wonder if anyone was tempted to ask Mullers at the launch last night: was Teddy Maybank really the missing piece?


One thought on “Brighton & Hove Albion jigsaw puzzle of 1977/78

  1. Anne Richards says:

    I have one of these jigsaw puzzles.

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