Graham Moseley: My Brighton nightmare


From Match Weekly in 1981/82:

Graham Moseley has emerged from a ‘nightmare’ six months under Alan Mullery to reclaim his place as Brighton’s number one goalkeeper.

Graham looked set to leave the Goldstone Ground after being dropped from the team last season and publicly blamed by manager Mullery for Brighton’s poor League position. He was banished to the reserves and replaced by £150,000 Fulham reserve Perry Digweed.

“Last season was a nightmare for me. I fully expected to leave Brighton because I saw no future for me there. It hurt the way Alan treated me – I felt it was very unfair. He never gave me a chance. There was no way I could play for him again so I put in a transfer request and was set to go. I wouldn’t have minded being dropped if he had told me first. Instead he blasted me in the press. He even stopped my first team bonus money and made me stay at home when the squad went on an end of season tour. Confidence was at a very low ebb but Alan never made any effort to comfort me. Playing in the reserves was like being unemployed. All I could do was play well and hope that someone would buy me.

When Alan Mullery resigned as Brighton boss in the summer of 1981, Mike Bailey’s arrival gave Moseley a second chance:

“I went to see Mike as soon as he arrived because I was still on the transfer list. He told me that all slates were clean and that I’d get a chance to prove myself. There’s a new confidence in the side this season and that’s been reflected in our start to the campaign. Mike has brought in some very good players and competition for places is fiercer than it’s ever been before. We’ve got to establish ourselves in the First Division and I think we’re capable of finishing in the top half of the table. On a personal note, it’s tremendous to be playing for a manager who’s willing to help me. Mike Bailey has given back my will to play.”

By the end of the season, Moseley had re-established himself at the club, playing 30 League games with Brighton in 13th spot in Division One, their highest ever finish.


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