Colour photo from 1969: Brighton v Barnsley

Here’s a stunning photo from 5th April 1969 in match with Barnsley at the Goldstone Ground, with an excellent view of the South East corner:

brighton barnsley 1969

The photo is from QueenSpark’s Brighton & Hove Photographic Collection

With a Tykes player on each post, it looks like the Yorkshiremen are defending a corner. Unlike what is common practice nowadays, it seems that back in the 1960s the attacking side did not throw that many players forward for this set-piece. At least from this photo, anyway. From left to right, The Albion players are Dave Armstrong, Alex Dawson and John Napier.

Dawson looks ready to pounce on any indecision. Legend has it that this is a scenario that would often lead to ball and goalkeeper in the back of the net!

The match ended in a 4-1 victory for the Albion in front of 11,410 supporters. Armstrong, Spearritt, Turner and Dawson scored. Having stood in 23rd position on 14th December 1968, the win took Freddie Goodwin’s side to sixth position in Division Three. However, poor form in the last three matches, and other teams having games in hand, meant that Albion eventually finished 12th.

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