Match Cover: Michael Robinson, Gary Stevens and Steve Gatting (28 May 1983)

Match cover 2

A quite magnificent cover capturing the joy of a Brighton team scoring at Wembley. Gordon Smith, in the background, gives polite applause. His moment of truth was still to come.

Inside the magazine, Tony Grealish declares, ‘We let United off the hook,’ while the magazine takes the credit for an uncanny prediction the week before:

It will have come as no shock to ‘Match’ readers that Brighton took an early lead against Manchester United. We told you it was on the cards last week in an exclusive guide to the goal power of each side.

This is what we said: ‘Brighton re the faster starters and may well go a goal up inside 15 minutes but United are worth an equaliser on past form.

After the break it could be United’s turn to go ahead, but ‘Seagulls’ fans shouldn’t despair if their team is behind with just fifteen minutes to go, because that’s when the underdogs from the South coast are most likely to hit the net.’

Uncanny! It sounds like the work of clairvoyant Eva Petulengro…

Inside, there is also a glorious colour two-page spread.

match final coverage

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