Frank Worthington rolls back the years


To celebrate 100 years of the Football League in 1988, Leaf issued a collection of 100 stickers. Measuring 10cmx6.5cm, these were substantially larger than the Panini and Daily Mirror stickers of that year.

Here you can see Frank Worthington in a Brighton shirt, skipping past a Manchester City defender in the 0-0 draw in November 1984.

This is probably a lot quicker than a certain horse he bet on in his time at the Goldstone Ground:

“The biggest bet I had on a horse was when I went to Folkstone while I was playing at Brighton. It was a five furlong sprint and I thought I’d have a go. I probably had £100 on which was a sizeable figure 20 odd years ago. It gave the others about 20 yards start and never got out of the stalls. Finished about fourth and we’d done our money. It was a lesson well learned.”

(Source: Backpass Magazine, Issue 7)


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