DC comic covers Brighton v Palace rivalry

Click the link above to read the full blog entry by Walt Jabsco from Not Worth That.

An incredible find. Details about the comic were originally posted on North Stand Chat by RowleyBirkinQ.C(deceased). He gave his synopsis as:

“It’s about 3 arsenal fans can’t go to see the gooners as they haven’t got a game so they decide to join up with palace fans to kick the shit out of the evil Brighton. At the end of the game the 3 arsenal decide to run over to Brighton fans to kick off but the palace boys “whimp out” and lone arsenal boys get their heads kicked in by Brighton hoolies. One of the hoolies is Hellblazer in a blue and White scarf who stabs one of the gooners to death and drags him to hell. All quite philosophical and heartwarming really.”

You can also buy the digital edition of Hellblazer #101 at http://www.comixology.com/Hellblazer-101/digital-comic/ICO001909


One thought on “DC comic covers Brighton v Palace rivalry

  1. […] It wasn’t the only time that American depiction of the English game focused on hooliganism. […]

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