Terry Connor’s own goal

Terry Connor was undoubtedly a firm favourite with Brighton supporters:


Signed from Leeds United in March 1983, as a direct swop with Andy Ritchie, the powerful centre-forward struggled to find his range at first. Nevertheless, he got the winner against Coventry on 23rd April 1983, Brighton’s last ever victory in the top flight.

Over the following four seasons in Division Two, Connor blossomed at the Albion, hitting 50 goals in 146 League appearances. The strikes mark him out in history as Albion’s most prolific striker in the second tier. However, I doubt this bustling forward scored many headers as spectacular as this one past Perry Digweed in Brighton’s match against Norwich at Carrow Road in April 1986:

The clip is featured in the first edition of Danny Baker’s ‘Own Goals and Gaffs’ VHS tapes.


One thought on “Terry Connor’s own goal

  1. graham64 says:

    One of the all-time great own goals – Connor picked his spot and gave his goalie absolutely no chance. The flying header was an artistic touch as well – much more dramatic than a mis-hit!

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