Match Cover: Michael Robinson (21 May 1983)


An artist’s impression of Michael Robinson and Bryan Robson makes the cover of this very special Cup Final Souvenir Issue of Match Weekly. Inside, unsurprisingly, Cup Final talk dominates:

Eight pros predict a Manchester United victory (Craig Johnston, Gary Bannister, John Hollins, Steve Perryman, Chris Woods, Paul Walsh, Geoff Pike, John McAlle and Graham Sharp, Terry Fenwick). Tommy Caton and Chris Waddle go for a Seagulls victory.

Elsewhere, Steve Gatting talks of the pain of missing out on the FA Cup Final when Arsenal reached that stage in 1979 and 1980. He says: ‘It’s a great feeling to finally get the chance to play in an FA Cup Final and I just can’t wait to walk on that famous turf.’

In their lovely V-necked and pinstriped Cup Final kit, there is also a Brighton team photo in the centre-spread, and Graham Moseley is quizzed in Cup Final Focus, along with Arnold Muhren. Finally, an artist’s impression of the teams’ Cup Final run is included. Here’s Brighton’s:



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