Transimage Football 79-80

Transimage Ltd, a company based in Ashford, Kent, made their only foray in the football sticker market in 1979/80, just in time to cover the Seagulls’ debut in the First Division:


In a 528-sticker collection, covering the English and Scottish top flight teams, Brighton’s pages looked like this:


It was a pleasing spread. Given the small size of the stickers, there was much more room to develop a fresh design based on round rects.

The album I had was missing Eric Steele, Peter O’Sullivan and Gary Williams. Happily, I had some spares. Impressively, despite the passing of some 36 years, I was able to peel the backs off and they all stuck!



One thought on “Transimage Football 79-80

  1. Stephen Cowdry says:

    Great stuff – can’t believe the stickers still stuck after all that time!

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