Dean Saunders gets a taste for coaching


From the Brighton v Reading programme from 1986/87:

“I go into schools every couple of weeks through the season,” says Dean. “I usually do my coaching sessions with Steve Penney and we enjoy it. They are always very keen and they always try their best. We concentrate mainly on the more positive sides of the game. Passing, taking on players and shooting on goal. That sort of thing. Steve and I have got our routine worked out now. We always end the session with a game, which the kids enjoy. The only trouble is they are pretty quick into the tackle! Steve plays for one side and I play for the other. It’s a good laugh, but we’ve learnt not to do too much dribbling now. We just get it up to the front men and let them get on with it.

Will those be the Wolves tactics for the match at the Amex?!

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