Up the Dolphins with Brian Clough’s Aces!



A quite marvellous piece of Albion tat from the club shop during the 1973/74 season – and the first piece of Brighton merchandise I’ve seen that mentions Brian Clough’s name. The hand graphic features the slogan ‘Up The Dolphins.’


2 thoughts on “Up the Dolphins with Brian Clough’s Aces!

  1. glasfryn says:

    that could be me standing up there on the East Terrace
    it could be a lonely place in those days
    this is one very good blog

    • Thank you for your comment, glasfryn. I’m very pleased you are enjoying the blog. If you have any Albion artefacts from your days as a fan from the East Terrace, that you’d like to share, please let me know! 🙂

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