90 Minutes Magazine asks Brighton fans: ‘Is football on TV a big turn-off?’

It’s the Portsmouth v Brighton fixture in September 1991. Armed with a camera and dictaphone, 90 Minutes Magazine (issue 70) asked supporters a hot topic of the day:

As BSkyB’s Sky Sports channel begins showing football every night of the week, we grab our buckets and spades, blow up our inflatable dolphins and take a trip down by the seaside to Fratton Park to ask: is football on TV a big turn-off?


Justin Blundell & Nick Thompson
Both 18, from Uckfield, & support Brighton
Justin “I don’t really like the live games; they don’t have a good enough mixture of the teams they put on. Sky have got quite good coverage but I haven’t got that. The local TV do good things on Brighton and local teams and I like seeing the goals after the live game on Sunday afternoon.”
Nick “I’ve just come back from holiday in Spain and they have television coverage of British games on Saturday afternoon. They don’t show enough football here. If you’re not going to the match then that’s it – you just have to wait for the scores at 4.45pm or put Teletext on. They should show every single goal because the Second Division clubs sometimes score much better goals than the First Division.”

90minuteslive-matthewMatthew Andrews
18, from Hailsham, supports Brighton
“I like the midweek highlights rather than the live coverage. I think the highlights are more exciting. If you get a bad game you’ve got 90 minutes of boredom. With the highlights you get to see more teams, which is especially good at the start of the season when clubs have new players.”

Do you know Matthew, Justin or Nick? Please forward this article to them if you do.

(Click the image below to see the whole vox pops feature in all its glory).



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