Glen Wilson, a great man of many guises



Glen Wilson, who died in 2005, became synonymous with the club during Goldstone Ground era, first as a player, then trainer, caretaker manager, physio and kit man. Although he was a Geordie, he was devoted to the Albion. He made his debut as inside-right in September 1949 against Bournemouth but it was as left-half where he clocked the most of his 436 appearances for Brighton. He was captain of the Billy Lane’s side that won the Third Division (South) Championship in 1958.

In North Stand Chat, Brighton fan nobody’s dupe recalls:

At The Dell I called something derogatory out to him as he was going down the tunnel at half time. He stopped and gave me a well-deserved verbal lashing. He saw me a few days later at a training session at The Goldstone and he continued the ‘conversation’. The next time he saw me was a couple of weeks later at Ashton Gate before a game against Bristol City. He got off of the team coach, came straight up to me and gave me a complimentary ticket for the match.

I also remember a game at Swindon. All through the game he and one Swindon player were giving each other physical stick. Glen was seemingly the only one to be punished with a string of free kicks against him. Towards the end of the game he was booked. Just after the final whistle the Swindon player held a hand out to Glen with a broad grin on his face. Glen stepped forward and delivered a beautiful left hook, and left the guy flat on his back. He then walked down the tunnel leaving a hell of a commotion behind him.

Sammy Morgan will tell you that when Glen was the physio he left him on a treatment table for ten minutes wired up to a heat treatment machine. The only thing was that Glen had forgotten to turn it on, but on his return he asked Sammy if he felt better for it. Sammy wholeheartedly agreed and got down from the table and did a little jig to demonstrate.

Apparently during this time his massages were delivered in a very zealous manner. The players nicknamed him after The Boston Strangler. Hence, Billy Boston.

I used to enjoy talking to him at the various dinners he attended. We used to jog each other’s memories about Albion matches. He loved The Albion through and through.

In 1978/79, Glen Wilson switched from being physio to kit man and, in this position, he was interviewed by David Bobin on the eve of the FA Cup Quarter-Final with Norwich City in 1983:


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